Pacheta has praised new footballer, young boat, there are items

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Pacheta, former coach of Sergio Gomez‘s Huesca, has praised the former team as a gifted youngster and ready to listen to the coach’s teachings.

         The 21-year-old moved from Anderlecht to play for “Sailboats” from Anderlecht. After having previously played with Huesca on loan. Pacheta talks about his former subordinates as a child who is always ready to listen to new things.

         “When I was in charge of Huesca, the team had 11 points from 17 games and were at the bottom of the league,” Pacheta said. Tell the legs that he is suitable to play at left-back.”

         “I remember in my office. I told him he would be very successful in that position and he immediately took on the challenge ufabet.”

         “In modern football a lot of players will question a coach’s decision if he is asked to play in a completely different position. And that can cause problems, but Sergio is different. From the day I opened the dressing room door I found him a special boy and open to everything you tell him.

         “I’m not saying that everything has changed because of my decision. But the way he adapted was perfect. He reiterated it from that day. We turned the situation around and needed to beat Valencia in the last game to survive. We drew 0-0 and Sergio fired from far into the post, so it was unfortunate.”

         “If we don’t get relegated, Huesca has a condition to sign him from Dortmund and then he moves. Anderlecht”