Mihajlovic ‘s son trolls the keyboard and spreads it to his family

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Vitoria Mihajlovic , daughter of Bologna coach Ziniza Mihajlovic, has responded to keyboard trolls after criticizing the club’s performance but spread over health and family issues.

         The Serbian has been struggling with leukemia since 2019, while the team has started four games without a win this season with just two points. The fans began to dissatisfaction and criticize the team’s performance, including the Mihajlovic. 

         However, some messages have spread to the family and health of the former football star ufabet, whose daughter has responded to the comments and messages.

         “I never write these things on social media. I try not to waste my time with the crowd hiding behind the keyboard to release my frustration. But when it reaches its limit and is too trampled on, it has to react,” Victoria posted on Instagram Story.

         “I don’t think it’s appropriate to mix work with personal matters. Do you want to insult or criticize my father for his work? If so, take it. But when it comes to family His health and many more shameful things I have read. I can’t accept that anymore.”

         “What you write is ugly. Don’t forget you’re talking about a guy, dad, who has kids who can read what you write and get hit hard by it. I’m really ashamed of you.”