Aug 072014

hockey possession stats

Better know a new Oiler, Benoit Pouliot- When the Oilers signed Benoit Pouliot this summer, it was largely looked at as a good signing, albeit a tad rich in money and term for a player who has skated for five NHL teams since the 2009-2010 season. Largely viewed as a great possession player by the Advanced Stats community, Pouliot brings a broad tool kit to the Orange and Blue. What else is in the tool kit? What issues may we see next season?

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Jul 262014

Do you like hockey analytics (advanced/fancy stats)? I wrote a post the other day which referenced some possession stats (my preferred term for advanced stats). In it, I mentioned how I wasn’t a big fancy stats guy, but I did see the value of them. My opinion on analytics is pretty vanilla, which isn’t a great place for a blogger to be; typically the successful bloggers and pundits have an opinion which is far on one side of an issue or the other. A prime example of these extreme types of opinions is an unnamed high-collared Canadian TV personalty who invades your TV on Saturday nights (though I doubt he would have any time for fancy stats). When it comes to possession stats, I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I find them interesting to a point, but that’s about it.  Continue reading »

Jul 112013

Sam Gagner debate

Is Perron the consolation prize or the prize? And cue the Sam Gagner debate…..- Everyone in Oil Country is buzzing over yesterday’s trade of Magnus Paajarvi and a 2nd rounder for David Perron. Some people feel the Oilers gave up too much and some feel the Oilers won the deal in a landslide. The reality is, while the Oilers got the best player in the deal, David Perron wasn’t their first choice for the second line; David Clarkson was. So how does Perron stack up against Clarkson? Continue reading »


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