Oct 042013

Oilers fans

The Edmonton Oilers lost their opening game of the year Tuesday by the score of 5-4 to the Winnipeg Jets and Oiler fans are already out in full force calling for drastic changes to the line up.   With 81 games still to played it might, just might, be a touch early for the fans to be starting already. Continue reading »

Oct 012013


Tonight the quest for the playoffs begins for the Edmonton Oilers against a once familiar foe, the Winnipeg Jets. Rexall Place will be packed with fans begging for a team that doesn’t finish near the basement for the umpteenth year in a row. There will be ups and downs for the young Oilers and hopefully some important games come April for a change. Continue reading »

Aug 012013


Gagner Comparison
Sam Gagner recently signed on for the three seasons with the Edmonton Oilers and I started to think about what his upside was and who he compares to long term. One name that immediately came to mind was Joe Pavelski, who has turned into a pretty darn good second line center in San Jose. Continue reading »

Jul 182013


So www.nhl.com has Denis Grebeshkov listed on The Edmonton Oilers roster now so, it looks like their back-end is more than full with this apparent signing.  With the addition of Grebeshkov, The Oilers now have ten defencemen signed:  Continue reading »

Jun 292013

2013 NHL Entry Draft

Word is out that Kris Letang has turned down eight years $56 million contract to stay in Pittsburgh and play with some guys named Crosby and Malkin. Letang has asked for $8 million per year with a quick no thanks sent back his way from Penguins management. It is quite obvious that Letang would rather make an extra million dollars per year than have a chance to win Lord Stanley’s cup year in/year out and as a hockey fan that is quite disappointing. That being said I’ve never had a chance to make $1 million a year let alone an extra million dollars per year so I can’t really blame the guy for trying. Bob MacKenzie noted yesterday that Letang was upset with his last contract with the Penguins, management used their leverage to get an extra year on the contract and therefore Letang is simply using his leverage this time around to get as much as possible. MacKenzie noted that Letang feels like he was underpaid this season and definitely will be underpaid this upcoming season thus wanting to grab as much as possible with his new deal. Continue reading »


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