Jul 222014



The Edmonton Oilers off-season has been a busy one for general manager Craig MacTavish. He had many holes to fill and he is slowly but surely filling each and every one.  By no means is he done but he is making great strides in putting an actual N.H.L. line up together. Continue reading »

May 222014


The Edmonton Oilers are clearly a flawed team and general manager Craig Mactavish has the extremely difficult job to try and fix it and in short order.   The collective group on the back-end was horrific, the size in the top six was embarrassing, the lack of depth on the bottom end was painfully obvious and the list goes on and on.   Is it even possible for Mact to fill all the holes in one offseason??? Continue reading »

Jul 042013

2013 NHL Free Agent Frenzy

On the eve of the 2013 free agent frenzy: do you borrow from Peter to pay Paul? The 2013 NHL Free Agent period starts tomorrow and Oilers fans are all abuzz about the potential signings for the team. The one thing that is always absent from free agency is any sort of fiscal restraint (or planning) on the part of general managers. Emotional decisions are rampant as are poor decisions based on the small potential for short term gain rather than the long term big picture. A salary cap places artificial constraints not only on the total amount a team can spend, but also on how much a team can spend per position (if an organization hopes to be competitive). There have been numerous reports today that the Oilers have been “going hard” at David Clarkson. Currently, this is a poor idea which will lead to an even more uneven and unbalanced roster as far too much money will be committed to the wings leaving not enough resources to adequately man the rest of the roster.

Let me explain.

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Jul 042013


The Edmonton Oilers wish list this off-season is a long one with NHL quality players needed throughout the line up.  At a quick glance the needs look like this:

Hall Nuge Eberle
____ Gagner Yakupov
PRV ____ _____
Brown Lander ____
Obviously these holes can not be all be filled this off-season and Mact certainly has a ton of work to do. Continue reading »

Jul 032013

Since the 2013 NHL Entry Draft on Sunday, there has been no end to Oilers fan’s complaints about Craig Mactavish’s lack of a significant move. Whether you are listening to local sports talk radio, reading the comments section of a blog, or standing at the water cooler, there are no shortage of complaints and suggestions a out what Craig Mactavish ‘should have done.’ The knives are already out and they are long.

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