Aug 122014


Why are fancy stats so controversial?-  Since the announcement by the Oilers that they hired stats guru Tyler Dellow last week, the reaction to the hiring has hit a boiling point. On Saturday Jason Strudwick wrote a post on the topic at Oilers Nation. Yesterday, Derek Van Diest made a now infamous appearance on the morning show on TSN1260 which spawned reaction from Johnathan Willis at the Cult of Hockey and Ryan Batty at the Copper & Blue. This morning Dustin Nielsen focussed on the topic on the morning show on TSN1260. It could be due to the lack of Oilers related news in the middle of August, but the amount of anger flowing through the City of Champions between the fancy stats crowd and the traditionalists is almost overwhelming. Since all the new stats track (from the point of view of the average hockey fan) is puck possession, why are fancy stats so controversial? Continue reading »

Jul 262014

Do you like hockey analytics (advanced/fancy stats)? I wrote a post the other day which referenced some possession stats (my preferred term for advanced stats). In it, I mentioned how I wasn’t a big fancy stats guy, but I did see the value of them. My opinion on analytics is pretty vanilla, which isn’t a great place for a blogger to be; typically the successful bloggers and pundits have an opinion which is far on one side of an issue or the other. A prime example of these extreme types of opinions is an unnamed high-collared Canadian TV personalty who invades your TV on Saturday nights (though I doubt he would have any time for fancy stats). When it comes to possession stats, I don’t have a strong opinion either way. I find them interesting to a point, but that’s about it.  Continue reading »


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