Oct 012013


So tonight is the first hockey game that actually  matters in a really long time. Its a fresh start, and its going to be a fun night, regardless of our Centers being more depleted than Miley Cyrus’ moral code.

It got me thinking about how much these games actually cost the average fan – so for good measure I’m going to walk you through what I see as my evening and the dollars that will be involved.
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Oct 012013


Tonight the quest for the playoffs begins for the Edmonton Oilers against a once familiar foe, the Winnipeg Jets. Rexall Place will be packed with fans begging for a team that doesn’t finish near the basement for the umpteenth year in a row. There will be ups and downs for the young Oilers and hopefully some important games come April for a change. Continue reading »

Sep 302013


The 2013-2014 N.H.L. is only one sleep away and the Edmonton Oilers roster is full of question marks yet again. There are new players, coaches and management but is it enough to think the Oilers can turn the corner and make the playoffs for the first time since real estate prices decided to fluctuate faster than Oprah’s dress size? Continue reading »

Sep 302013

Luke Gazdic

Add a dash of Luke Gazdic and the goon debate rages on…. MacIntyre goes out with an injury on Friday and the Oilers bring in Luke Gazdic off waivers on Sunday. The debate on bringing in MacIntyre didn’t even have time to cool over the weekend and GM Craig Mactavish has brought in another one dimensional player to take his place. It appears that Gazdic is one dimensional as he was -9 on a Texas Stars team that was 21 games over .500 last season (in terms of wins and losses) and he didn’t put up much in the way of offense. I wrote last week how I didn’t feel bringing that type of player would make any difference (Steve MacIntyre). As a result, I was told by a commenter I was sensationalizing to make my argument and that I was ‘delusional’. In addition, I was also getting chirped via text message where my favorite shot was, “your (prominent Edmonton Sports Writer*) minus 3 billion doughnuts” (* I’ll leave it to you to figure out who the sports writer is). Based on some pretty strong push back, I wondered if I had erred in my judgement of goons. Was it possible that enforcers are more valuable than I had given them credit for? I can accept that I may be wrong and wanted to know for sure. I decided to see if the actual numbers supported my assertions or those of my critics.

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Sep 272013


Should the Oilers take another look at Brule? This post could be filed under the heading of, “things that make sense to me and probably nobody else,” and I accept that. Considering the push back I endured earlier in the week because I stated the move to bring Steve MacIntyre made no sense, it is obvious that I could be operating within a sub-reality separated from that of many fans. Again, I’m okay with that. However, given that the Oilers will be woefully thin at centre for at least the first month of the season and barring any ‘bold’ moves by the front office, the time is right for out of the box thinking. Actually, scratch that; maybe it is time for more, ‘in the same box we’ve already tried,’ thinking. This box would the moves to bring back both MacIntyre and Grebeshkov. With yesterday’s news of Gilbert Brule being sent away by the Phoenix Coyotes (while on a PTO), should the Edmonton Oilers consider bringing in yet another ex-pat on a one year deal? Continue reading »

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Sep 252013


The Edmonton Oilers were winners yet again last night against the New York Rangers and a few players took steps forward and a few took steps backwards in their goal of making the starting line up for the Oilers. Continue reading »

Sep 242013


Functional toughness versus the traditional ‘goon’- Steve MacIntyre arrives in Edmonton today and there is an outside chance he dresses for tonight’s game versus the Rangers. I fall on the ‘bringing MacIntyre back makes no sense’ side of the argument as I can’t wrap my head around how having a player on the bench, who primarily stays on the bench and doesn’t have the skills to take a regular shift, will make a difference. Especially when you consider the Oilers suffered a significant number of man games lost due to injury the last time he was an Oiler. Last night, I was at the Bell Centre in Montreal and watched a game between the Canadiens and the New Jersey Devils. Considering all the focus around the ‘toughness’ (or lack thereof) of the Edmonton Oilers, my focus was cast on Canadiens player, Brandon Prust. As I watched him and the game, I considered the difference between functional toughness (Prust) and the traditional goon (MacIntyre).

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Sep 232013
Bell Centre

View from my hotel window

I don’t speak the language- I am in Montreal today and the picture above is the view from my hotel. I came for work but I lucked out and received an invite to tonight’s preseason game between the Canadiens and New Jersey Devils. A quick glance at the Devil’s website and it looks like both Jagr and Brodeur will be playing. I have never seen either play live before, so the day was going along pretty good. I even managed to order breakfast in a butchered version of the French language. Then a few hours ago, my phone started buzzing with text from buddies letting me know the Oilers have re-acquired Steve MacIntyre. I am starting to think I don’t speak Craig Mactavish’s language because I really don’t understand what he is doing with this roster.

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