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So www.nhl.com has Denis Grebeshkov listed on The Edmonton Oilers roster now so, it looks like their back-end is more than full with this apparent signing.  With the addition of Grebeshkov, The Oilers now have ten defencemen signed:  Smid, Petry, Ference, Belov, Schultz, Schultz, Potter, Larsen, Klefbom and now Grebeshkov.  Mactavish did say that he wanted to have a competitive camp and wow has he delivered on that promise! Of this group of ten, I’m going to assume that Larsen and Potter are the first cuts at training camp.  I also see Klefbom spending the full season in The A.H.L. which is great news!  The back-end in Oilerville is much improved and with this many defencemen at camp, players will be forced to get better.  I like the Grebeshkov signing.  When he was here the first time around Grebeshkov was a turnover machine but could move the puck and play on the second power play.  Hopefully he has worked on his game while in The K.H.L. and will be a useful Oiler.


Sam Gagner’s arbitration is the first on many scheduled for this upcoming Monday and I hope to hear news over the weekend that Gagner has signed a long-term deal for just under $5 Million per year.  I think a more realistic scenario is Gagner signing  a three(ish) year deal for just under $5 Million a year.  Time will tell.


With Captain Shawn Horcoff now down south in Dallas, The Oilers have no captain and people’s opinions range from Ference, to Hall, to Eberle, to Smyth. I am of the opinion that the way to go is to not name a captain for the upcoming season and to let it all play out over the course of the season naming a captain for the 2014-2015 season.  What is the hurry in naming a captain before the start of the 2013-2014 season?  It might even make the individuals grow a bit quicker and fight a bit harder knowing that the captaincy is there for the taking.  One of these kids might be ready to take over as captain after this season and that is probably the route to go moving forward.


Dustin Penner signed for one year and $2 Million.  What a great deal, in my opinion!  I agreed with Robby when he wrote that he hoped Penner would come back to Edmonton for a season.  Sure he seems a bit lazy and doesn’t seem to care that much but he does have two Stanley Cup rings and came in at a bargain price to Anaheim.  Wouldn’t Jones, Gordon and Penner have been a pretty good third line?  Just saying…

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  1. The Grebeshkov signing makes me think one of the younger defensmen are on their way out in a trade. There are still huge holes at centre…..

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